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      A coffee and a muffin will cost you $9-$10. Why not spend $8.99 on something that will help support you, enhance your life and lasts a whole lot longer.

      GET YOUR DAILY SHOT OF FEELING BEAUTIFUL!                                                

      This E-Book is more than just discovering secrets to natural skin health; it’s also about helping you improve your own holistic self-care; body, mind and spirit.

      Skinsational is a journey to self-awareness and self-care. Sensational skin and health is so much more than simply applying great product. As women, we give out of ourselves to friends, colleagues, family and put very little back in to fill up our own reserves.

      Hope and inspiration are always there. You just must be willing to be led towards them and know they arrive in many different forms. It’s synchronicity working for you when the right teacher, course, movie, friend, contact, book or article turns up right when you need it.

      Sometimes you must take a leap of faith and be willing to open your heart, mind and body to different schools of thought and new experiences. Do you appreciate your own unique beauty? Are you willing to learn how to look after and appreciate your own miracle?

      Albert Einstein, remains one of my favourite philosophers, and he was so much more than a scientist. He found a way to balance both worlds.

         He said

           ‘There are two way to live your life. One as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.’

       You are alive, a living breathing miracle and get to experience life in all its richness. What you do with that miracle is up to you.

      Do you appreciate your own unique beauty? Maybe your commitment to reading this book is a small step in starting to appreciate the miracle that is your skin, and some small steps to help look after your body so it can continue to carry you around on your adventures.



    Chapter One

    Every journey begins with the first step


    Chapter Two

    The Miracle of Skin

    Chapter Three

    SKIN FOOD- the best skin nutrition from the inside out.

    Chapter Four

    Time to Move.  Time to Learn

    Chapter Five

    ABOUT FACE “as in the inner, so is the outer”

    Chapter Six

    STRESS- why worry about it?

    Chapter Seven

    Babies and children’s skin.

    Skin and injuries 

    Chapter Eight

    Skin food from the outside in.

    How to replenish, protect, and repair our skin.

    Home Treat Recipes & Glossary 


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